• The home of cenogent

    The home of cenogent

    This is the view out of cenogent's offices. Especially shortly before sunrise and just before sunset sometimes there are magical moments - moments, that we try to capture and match with equally sensational technology and outstanding services.
  • Another perspective...

    Another perspective...

    As you can see, the view is changing permanently. This reminds us of taking different perspectives of our own businesses every once in a while. In today's business environment, there is no constant - opportunities show up all the time. We help you to capture them!
  • Late snow - beginning of May

    Late snow - beginning of May

    While snowfall itself is not a surprise in the mountains even in May, it is much less common in lower areas - but it happens. A good system design accepts such extreme conditions, and lets you sleep well.
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Discovering cenogent

cenogent caters the lighting and photonics industry not only with technical expertise, but also with strategic insights on the executive level, investment advice, and intellectual property analysis. Furthermore, we are active in actual product development, focusing on specific niche markets in the lighting domain.

Please find below a list of opportunities to engage with cenogent:
  • Extremely powerful, compact, directional light sources.
  • Specialty light sources for specific applications: UV, IR, SWIR, lighting for plants, animals
  • all aspects of LED and solid state laser technology (spectral management, device architecture, assembly & manufacturing, fiber coupling, optics, photonics, thermal design, quality, supply chain, ...)
  • Future applications of that technology & strategic orientation for companies active in solid state lighting
  • Automotive lighting, evolution, trends & interaction with other automotive systems like sensors, cameras, radar, and communication
  • Investment decisions in the field of solid state lighting technology
  • Possibilities of additive manufacturing for lighting and other applications
  • miniaturized light sources, laser based light sources
  • Intellectual property analysis (state of the art, patent minefields, patent portfolio analysis, competitor analysis, valuation of patents, freedom-to-operate, ...)

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Contact Us

cenogent SARL

CH - 1785 Cressier

+41 79 448 4139


About Us

cenogent, based in Switzerland, was established by Harald Pier in 2016.

We are focusing on high-end lighting solutions, challenging conventional approaches and opinions, to deliver breakthrough performance in world-class technology.

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