Light is in the air! Drone lighting with ceno.bloc: High efficiency, ultra compact directional light sources combined with the best endurance copter worldwide provides portable floodlighting for 80 minutes! Ideal for S&R, emergency, police!


No update does not mean nothing has happened! Our updated ceno.bloc is even more efficient, and has an integrated NTC for convenient temperature monitoring. This allows you to remotely check the health of your complete lighting solutions!


Already the next anniversary for cenogent. We invite you to benefit from our unique product portfolio, which enables novel lighting solutions for your customers!


We are working on some demos for next week's Light & Building in Frankfurt. One will be a highly compact & low weight mobile search light with unprecedented performance. 50klumen, less than 1kg in your hand!


Happy New Year! Please also take a look at our german language pages!


cenogent wishes all partners, customers, and friends a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy, and successful New Year 2018!


No news? In this case, no news is good news! cenogent is working very hard to showcase it's ceno technology enabling new product options and entirely novel product categories.


cenogent has been responsible for lighting the booth of FriUp/Regionalverband See at GAM2017 in Murten, Switzerland, which took place 14th-17th of September. Our high performance modules provided daylight illumination levels!


We are very glad to be able to present to you the advantages and novel applications of highly directional, compact LED modules during the EPIC workshop on Sept. 28, 9:30am to 1:00pm at LpS in Bregenz!


cenogent is on vacation. We will be back on Monday, 7th of August. While we're away, we invite you to read our "Insights & Thoughts", study our product pages or simply also take a break. Happy holidays!


Please take a look at our updated Products section and feel free to get in touch with us for more information!


We are very happy to announce that cenogent has been selected by FriUp, to be accompanied during the next important years to support its efforts to provide better lighting solutions! FriUp is the official organization of the canton of Fribourg to support young companies and is also representing GENILEM.


cenogent already celebrates its 1st anniversary! A lot of work has been done, still much more lies ahead of us. We are well on track for our future development, and we cordially invite you to benefit from what we have to offer!