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Solid state lighting by now is not a novel technology anymore. In comparison to ten years ago, there is a vast amount of additional knowledge and experience. Yet, the technological possibilities have multiplied, and it is harder than ever to navigate your path to the ideal solution. In addition, it has become extremely difficult to keep track of new developments that emerge all the time. For commercial applications, other factors such as availability, reliability, feasibility, supply chain, and the choice of the ideal industrial partners are equally important.

cenogent is here to support you in finding the right solution for your application. With two decades of experience in technology, supply chain, intellectual property, and strategy we help you to identify your path to the future.

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About Us

cenogent, based in Switzerland, was established by Harald Pier in 2016.

We are focusing on high-end lighting solutions, challenging conventional approaches and opinions, to deliver breakthrough performance in world-class technology.

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