Change perspectives!

On the other hand, the pass (Leiterenpass) visible on this picture with the glacier behind is not so far away and readily accessible - but one has to do it and will be finally rewarded with a much better perspective - as the glimpse of the glacier already indicates. Just as in nature, in business sometimes it's necessary to move to another position from which the sight on opportunities becomes different, and the overall picture clearer. This could be achieved by doing some R&D to find out about what's possible and what not, building prototypes, looking at your supply chain, or re-thinking your value proposition. All this involves an effort, but it will be rewarded by obtaining a clearer picture on the business landscape.

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cenogent, based in Switzerland, was established by Harald Pier in 2016.

We are focusing on high-end lighting solutions, challenging conventional approaches and opinions, to deliver breakthrough performance in world-class technology.

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